It is vital to understand our revision policy after your online video is delivered. Because making
animated videos is a creative process, we anticipate making revisions on every video and we
want our customers to be totally satisfied with their order. And we should also keep our quality
standards high.
It would not be fair to us if someone requested more than 10 revisions on their video and we fell
behind on your video because of all the modification requests. Please read below to get a full
understanding of our revision policy
Our Mistakes:
For any error that we make, we will adjust it anytime, forever. If we forget some punctuation
mark or make a spelling blunder. We will rectify it free of charge.
The Script:
In case you provide us a script, your script must be completely ready to go when you place the
order. Any changes to the script after the order is started, we will charge an additional fee.
There are boundless amendments to the script and storyboard before the video begins. We will
send over the script and written storyboard for your review and you can make as many rounds
of changes as you might want. Once you agree to, we can proceed with the voiceover and video
making. Any script changes after this point will require an additional fee.
We offer unlimited revisions to the animation process of the video on the first delivery. Your
script will be delivered prior to the quoted delivery timeframe for your review. You can make as
many changes as you want on the first delivery. Please make sure to watch the video numerous
times through to see precisely what you want to change and make a list of each change. When
you send us feedback and requested changes the video will be delivered within 24 hours for
your review. (Unless you have ordered a specific voiceover e. g. Female voice, British accent,
American accent etc) in which case it will be sent back based on the voiceover artist delivery